Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US Made Inflatables or Overseas Inflatables?

This debate has been going on for decades and is prevalent in every manufacturing industry. The question is really left to each person to judge for himself or herself and make their own decisions. The basic question comes down to; do you want to buy something for cheap? Or do you want to pay a little more and have a valuable product that will last a longer time? Some people prefer paying less and making money so they can purchase again (because inevitably it will break down sooner), while other prefer paying more and doing business with the same product for a longer time and not having to worry about it breaking down on them.

Let's consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying from U.S. manufacturers and overseas manufacturers. When you purchase from a U.S. manufacturer you do not have to worry about any potentially hazardous materials in products, like lead which have been found in Chinese products. When you purchase from a U.S. manufacturer you also get the luxury of having someone in the states that will be able to help you during the same time of day, and also someone nearby to ship for repairs as compared to overseas countries. Considering the quality of the manufacturing, U.S. made products have stood the test of time while overseas products have been known for getting damaged early and breaking down. Now the advantage of purchasing overseas products are that they are cheaper, and if you have a small budget you are working with, than you can buy more products with that budget if you go with overseas manufacturers instead of U.S. manufacturers.

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