Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Advertise and Market a Start-up Company

A good advertising campaign is what separates a successful start-up company from a company doomed to failure. A new company MUST market themselves and make themselves visible to customers searching for their services or products. This marketing can be done in many different ways and formats that can make an effective campaign. The first thing companies must do is a demographic research about the people in the area they service. Find out if they are young and into computers and media, or older and more used to paper sources and newspapers. The main market for the party rental and inflatable moonwalk rental industry are small children and teenagers who are into the media and computers, to adults ranging in there 40's or 50's who rely more on feedback and referrals.

There are a lot of ways to start marketing a company. One of the fastest ways to gain customers and start making sales is to advertise online, through a website, and advertising that website in search engines and directories, which are THE MOST USED sources for finding a company or service. More and more technology is being produced that gives people access to these sources, and looking forward to the future of marketing and advertising we begin to see print sources being depleted while internet advertising keeps growing and growing. However, some find it difficult because they might not have the experience to do it themselves, or it might be too expensive for them. For these start-up companies, online advertising through a source like Party Jump USA and it's party rental directory, which gives visibility in all of these major search sources, is one of the fastest ways to market a company and gain business.

Now once you gain customers through online search sources and any other print sources you may advertise in, like newspapers or book sources, it is up to you as a company to keep that individual interested in your services. The cheapest advertising any company can do is to their own customers and their guests. This may be done by handing out business cards, post cards, promotional flyers, through emails, or even by hanging banners on top of their inflatables to make their company name visible to guests and onlookers. For a small business this is all the advertising they will need to grow their business and become successful, the rest is up to them to keep their customers through quality products and great customer service.

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