Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Proper Way to Clean Inflatables

Cleaning the inflatable moonwalks is pivotal for your success and quality of customer service. No customer wants their kids to be playing in something that is dirty or has things inside from a previous party. Customers pay to receive a clean product and that is exactly what they expect. It is every company's responsibility to clean inflatable products and dry them if they have been used with water before using them for another party.

The best way to clean your inflatables is to do them at the location of a reservation during pickup time, which shows customers you do clean them, or re-inflate them at your business or storage location and clean them then. You do not want to leave cleaning for the delivery time because if a customer sees your products dirty before you start cleaning, then they are going to be left with the impression that it is a dirty product. For cleaning you should start off by vacuuming the inside to get all the small particles out, then using a cleaning formula such as Simple Green to clean the inside and outside of the inflatable. You should check with your inflatables manufacturer for their recommended cleaning formula to use on printed surfaces. For water units you want to leave them to fully dry before rolling them back up and storing them. Leaving an inflatable product rolled and stored while it is wet can cause it to smell and reek of mold and mildew.

The cleanliness and appearance of your inflatable moonwalks will reflect on your type of business. Onlookers look at how well kept your inflatables are and compare that to your quality of business. Therefore cleaning your inflatables thoroughly will not only improve the status of your services but will translate into more business and referrals.

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