About Arthur

Arthur Bagumyan was born April 23, 1986 in Echmiadzin, Armenia, a small yet prideful country full of life and stories. Arthur grew up in the United States from 1991 onward to create his own stories of Southern California and the beautiful sunset.

Throughout my elementary to high school years I was a kid full of energy and spunk. Always giving teachers a hard time, but never loosing their affection. During my high school years I began playing a sport I knew nothing about, water polo. I transformed from a chubby, short freshman, to a tall and lean senior captain of the varsity team. In every activity or group I participated in, I have always tried to compete and become the best. Upon graduating high school in 2004, I received 2nd-team All-CIF, 1st-team All-League, and 1st-team All-Area honors for water polo.

Subsequent to high school I entered into the family business, which was and still is the inflatables industry. Throughout the week I would attend Glendale Community College while helping out in all areas of Magic Jump and Magic Jump Rentals. In 2006 I finished with my generals and transferred to the University of California, Irvine. There I studied Criminology, Law and Society while still working for Magic Jump and Magic Jump Rentals. I graduated with a bachelors from University of California, Irvine in 2009. Upon graduation I interned and later worked at the American Institute of Mediation where I learned the importance of alternate dispute resolution and collaboration.

From 2008 I took management and advertising responsibilities of Magic Jump Rentals, which during the time period has seen tremendous growth through an increase in product line, sales, and service. During the same time period I worked as a legal aid for Magic Jump, which consisted of preparing contracts, trademarking and certification. In April of 2009, I launched an advertising directory for the inflatable rental industry called Party Jump USA. Currently I am seeking to expand Magic Jump Rentals to serve the entire Los Angeles and surrounding counties, launching and popularizing Party Jump USA, and seeking to finish MBA school at Woodbury University.