Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Print Source Advertising...Is It Really Worth It?

People claim print source advertisements are a must, but its actually picking the correct print sources to advertise in that are a must. Taking a look into the sources people use to find companies and services we begin to notice that print sources like Yellow Pages and their kind, are an outdated source for advertisement. Mostly all homes today have at least one computer and at least one capable user. The internet provides a much faster and streamlined method for searching things, and therefore most people use it as their first source. This in turn has created less and less users of print sources like Yellow Pages, White Pages, and any other colored Pages. To have an efficient advertising campaign you must find a balance of advertising through all sources and venues that brings in the most profit. Taking this into consideration, which print sources would it be profitable to advertise in?

The essence of print sources is to capture the customer during the exact time when they will be searching for your company or service. Knowing these dates is pivotal for your advertising campaign. If you want to get listed in print source directories then go ahead and do so, but time and an unprofitable advertising campaign would prove you wrong. The directory books have become an overpriced source of advertisement, one that wouldn't bring in as much ROI. An effective print source advertisement would consist of direct print advertisements, mass mails, and advertisement in print sources that are specifically designed for your industry and that target your market. Doing some research into your areas population will give you an idea of your target market. After you know your target market, along with the dates they start searching for your services, than you can start an efficient, and less costly, print source campaign that will bring in more revenue and more potential customers than the print directories ever will.

An alternative to print directories would be online directories, and more specifically directories that are affiliated with you industry. Online advertising gives you a more flexible alternative with more visibility and potential. A good example of an online directory would be Party Jump USA which is a moonwalk rental directory specifically targeting party rental and moonwalk rental companies. Having a good balance of online and print sources will set your company in the right direction towards a more efficient and less expensive advertising campaign.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Workplace Ethics

Through my courses in UCI I had learned of numerous cases of white collar criminals and corrupt business practices that led to thousands of people loosing everything they had. How do these people get away with this? Greed and the available resources to scam people who don't know any better, are the two prevalent characteristics in every occurance. A current case in the news is that of Bernard Madoff and his $50 billion Ponzi scheme. The Fed claims it as the worst scheme ever in looting people out of their money. So how are these guys able to do this and why don't investors know any better? Bernard Madoff and his like use all sorts of schemes and tricks to get around the system, or through it, to earn another billion dollars to their portfolio.

The lesson we can learn from these schemes is that false business practices and unethical motivations are a road to failure, both for the individual and for the company as a whole. A company's long term success and viability depends on its image and goals. A good intentioned company with mindful ethical standards will usually win over loyal customers, while a deceitful company will only win over peoples bank accounts. A deceitful company usually is one that drastically and unexpectedly gains a lot of money without a great invention or idea, but the profit only lasts for a short period of time until the regulatory officials can catch up to their tactics. A short term profit is never greater than a long term steady source of income. In short, a company or individual attempting to be successful should always base their motives on ethical standards and good business practices. Never being deceitful to customers will gain a lot of trust and respect for the company, which in turn will make the viability of the company even greater.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Proper Way to Clean Inflatables

Cleaning the inflatable moonwalks is pivotal for your success and quality of customer service. No customer wants their kids to be playing in something that is dirty or has things inside from a previous party. Customers pay to receive a clean product and that is exactly what they expect. It is every company's responsibility to clean inflatable products and dry them if they have been used with water before using them for another party.

The best way to clean your inflatables is to do them at the location of a reservation during pickup time, which shows customers you do clean them, or re-inflate them at your business or storage location and clean them then. You do not want to leave cleaning for the delivery time because if a customer sees your products dirty before you start cleaning, then they are going to be left with the impression that it is a dirty product. For cleaning you should start off by vacuuming the inside to get all the small particles out, then using a cleaning formula such as Simple Green to clean the inside and outside of the inflatable. You should check with your inflatables manufacturer for their recommended cleaning formula to use on printed surfaces. For water units you want to leave them to fully dry before rolling them back up and storing them. Leaving an inflatable product rolled and stored while it is wet can cause it to smell and reek of mold and mildew.

The cleanliness and appearance of your inflatable moonwalks will reflect on your type of business. Onlookers look at how well kept your inflatables are and compare that to your quality of business. Therefore cleaning your inflatables thoroughly will not only improve the status of your services but will translate into more business and referrals.

How to Advertise and Market a Start-up Company

A good advertising campaign is what separates a successful start-up company from a company doomed to failure. A new company MUST market themselves and make themselves visible to customers searching for their services or products. This marketing can be done in many different ways and formats that can make an effective campaign. The first thing companies must do is a demographic research about the people in the area they service. Find out if they are young and into computers and media, or older and more used to paper sources and newspapers. The main market for the party rental and inflatable moonwalk rental industry are small children and teenagers who are into the media and computers, to adults ranging in there 40's or 50's who rely more on feedback and referrals.

There are a lot of ways to start marketing a company. One of the fastest ways to gain customers and start making sales is to advertise online, through a website, and advertising that website in search engines and directories, which are THE MOST USED sources for finding a company or service. More and more technology is being produced that gives people access to these sources, and looking forward to the future of marketing and advertising we begin to see print sources being depleted while internet advertising keeps growing and growing. However, some find it difficult because they might not have the experience to do it themselves, or it might be too expensive for them. For these start-up companies, online advertising through a source like Party Jump USA and it's party rental directory, which gives visibility in all of these major search sources, is one of the fastest ways to market a company and gain business.

Now once you gain customers through online search sources and any other print sources you may advertise in, like newspapers or book sources, it is up to you as a company to keep that individual interested in your services. The cheapest advertising any company can do is to their own customers and their guests. This may be done by handing out business cards, post cards, promotional flyers, through emails, or even by hanging banners on top of their inflatables to make their company name visible to guests and onlookers. For a small business this is all the advertising they will need to grow their business and become successful, the rest is up to them to keep their customers through quality products and great customer service.

US Made Inflatables or Overseas Inflatables?

This debate has been going on for decades and is prevalent in every manufacturing industry. The question is really left to each person to judge for himself or herself and make their own decisions. The basic question comes down to; do you want to buy something for cheap? Or do you want to pay a little more and have a valuable product that will last a longer time? Some people prefer paying less and making money so they can purchase again (because inevitably it will break down sooner), while other prefer paying more and doing business with the same product for a longer time and not having to worry about it breaking down on them.

Let's consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying from U.S. manufacturers and overseas manufacturers. When you purchase from a U.S. manufacturer you do not have to worry about any potentially hazardous materials in products, like lead which have been found in Chinese products. When you purchase from a U.S. manufacturer you also get the luxury of having someone in the states that will be able to help you during the same time of day, and also someone nearby to ship for repairs as compared to overseas countries. Considering the quality of the manufacturing, U.S. made products have stood the test of time while overseas products have been known for getting damaged early and breaking down. Now the advantage of purchasing overseas products are that they are cheaper, and if you have a small budget you are working with, than you can buy more products with that budget if you go with overseas manufacturers instead of U.S. manufacturers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Many Inflatables Should I Start Off With For My Party Rental Company?

How many inflatables should I start off with? This question needs to be answered by each person. You need to take into consideration your budget and how much you can afford. Generally you should at least start off with 3-5 inflatables, this way you will have a variety for customers to choose from. If you are to purchase only one bounce house then you lose the client base that is looking to rent moonwalk combos, inflatable slides, obstacle courses or interactive inflatables and eventually you lose business. Once a customer sees you don't have a variety to choose from more likely than not they will go to some other company. This is where most startup companies fail. They either start off with the wrong number of inflatables or with the wrong styles.

The most proven successful strategy is to go with one or two regular bouncers, both of which should be a generic theme that will be good for any party or event, this way you do not limit your client base. Besides these two bouncers, you also want to get one combo with a bounce and slide, and one interactive inflatable or obstacle course inflatable. If you start off by buying specific themed inflatables like a Disney themed character, then you really limit yourself to ONLY those customers that are looking for that theme specifically. Another inflatable you MUST have is a water slide. Water slides are one of the most popular and profitable inflatables to have in your moonwalk rental inventory. Having this variety of inflatable products will put you in the right road for becoming successful and profitable.

However, if you do have the finances to purchase more inflatables than it is advised to do so. The best way to grow your business and keep customers is to offer them a variety. It is essential to have a variety because people have parties for different events and themes, and if you cannot offer them an inflatable with a relevant theme to complement their party or event then you lose their business and they turn to another company with more variety and themes to choose from. So keep these in mind and start off your business in the right direction by choosing a variety and going with generic inflatables, rather than more specific ones.

Why rent a moonwalk for your party or event?

So what are moonwalks anyway? Moonwalks, also known as inflatables, jumpers, bounce houses, bouncers, bouncy castles, moonbounces, jump jumps, and any other names people use, are inflatable toy structures used for riding and playing on. These moonwalks have become the most popular attractions at any party or event. From toddlers to adults, everyone loves playing on and using these inflatables.

It doesn't matter whether it's a regular bounce house, a inflatable slide or a sixty-foot long obstacle combo everyone loves using these inflatables. They go great for birthday parties, holiday parties, carnivals, business events, church parties, school carnivals, sporting events, or any other gathering where people go to have fun.

The reason why moonwalks have become so popular at parties is because they provide a fun and exciting activity for people to do. Whether it's just jumping around, sliding, racing through obstacles, or playing a sports activity, moonwalks are enjoyed and loved by all ages.

Another reason why moonwalks are a hit at parties is because they keep kids occupied in a safe and fun inflatable structure, leaving parents to enjoy the party as well. And besides the fact that moonwalks are so fun and loved by everyone, another great reason to use them is because they provide a healthy exercise for kids. I'm sure any parent would rather have their child playing a fun and exciting activity outdoor instead of sitting at home watching television or playing video games.

The appearance and size of moonwalks are another reason why people are so attracted to them. Moonwalks are generally big and tall so people of all ages and sizes can use them. When placed in your home or at outdoor events, they grab peoples attention making your party or event come to life. People who have become accustomed to renting inflatables at their party couldn't imagine one without it because inflatable moonwalks become the life and soul of the party. Moonwalks come in a lot of different sizes and styles.

Tropical moonwalks, castle moonwalks, princess moonwalks, sport arena moonwalks, ocean themed moonwalks, race car moonwalks, superhero moonwalks, animal themed moonwalks, and any other style or character you can think of. Having such a variety of moonwalks allows party hosts to choose one that will complement their party. Image the joy a kid will feel when he sees his favorite superhero on a big inflatable toy structure, waiting for him to hop in and have fun.

If you have never had the experience to rent one, play in one, or even see one, then now is the time to do so. Simply search the online inflatable rental directory for a local moonwalk rental company near your area and make your reservation today. Your kids will love you for it and everyone at the party will have one of the most memorable experiences ever.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Business Opportunity in Moonwalk Rental Industry

Thinking about starting a company but can't find a good industry to invest in? Try the Moonwalk Rental industry, and here's why....

The moonwalk (aka jumper, inflatable, moonbounce, bouncer, bounce house, bouncy castle, jump jump) rental industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it's continuously growing year after year. Starting a moonwalk rental company doesn't take special knowledge, skills or training. Any responsible business minded person can start a rental company and make a return on their invest within a couple of months. Someone can start their own rental company with an estimated $10,000. Some start with less inflatables than others and increase their inventory as they make revenue and gain customers. It's very convenient for part-time workers as well because they can start their business from their own home and use their own vehicle. You can get more detailed information through Party Jump USA, Magic Jump, and Inflatable USA.