Monday, September 12, 2011

Love Knows No Limits...True Friendship Lasts a Lifetime

This story is of a baby lion cub, Christian, was raised by two guys, John Rendall and Anthony Bourke (Ace Berg), who loved him like a family member. This story shows how being kind, thoughtful, and loving towards animals -- even wild animals -- can have an unbelievably happy ending and a rich payback. Although Christian was returned to the wild -- as he should have -- he apparently never forgot Anthony and John and they reunited after a year went by.

This incredible, yet true story, goes to show that friendship and true love for one another can go a long way towards enriching our lives. Have you had a friend that you have forgotten about or a coworker whose company you used to enjoy on a daily basis? Get in touch with them today, see what they are doing nowadays, and see how enriching it can be towards your own life to know that you have become friends with so many people throughout the years.

Friendship is an important part of our lives as we continually try to seek others who share our own values, beliefs, and interests. Friendship can enrich our lives and put us at a more peaceful state of mind. Friendship fills the love that we seek and need in our lives, and also fills it with memories and good times with the company of those we enjoy the most.

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