Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World Class Education, Now A Click Away

People are doing revolutionary things all over the world, creating vehicles that fly, automobiles that maneuver themselves, curing diseases, and the like. So why is it that our education system is still behind and not up to par with the rest of the world? Why is it that educational institutions cannot do something revolutionary to make learning easier for everyone around the world? In this technological day of age, it should be possible that my relative in Armenia should be able to learn the same things that I learn here in America, and from the same instructor. Well, now world class education, is just a click away for anyone with Internet access.

Khan Academy was started off by Salman Khan who was at the time tutoring his relatives via Internet and YouTube. Through all the feedback he received he garnered the idea to start something revolutionary. An online education system was born! Khan Academy now offers over 1,000 online lessons that anyone can access and learn. They offer lessons from Algebra to Calculus to Finance to Biology and everything in between. Khan Academy is gaining ground faster than ever because of the revolutionary change they have created, and is now being supported by people like Bill Gates and winning tech awards from Microsoft.

So what subject have you been interested in learning that you never got around to? Were you ever interested in how banks work? Well now you can learn about Banking through Khan Academy for FREE! I encourage you to turn off the Television and the reality shows that you may be watching, and see what you can learn. 

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