Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Print Source Advertising...Is It Really Worth It?

People claim print source advertisements are a must, but its actually picking the correct print sources to advertise in that are a must. Taking a look into the sources people use to find companies and services we begin to notice that print sources like Yellow Pages and their kind, are an outdated source for advertisement. Mostly all homes today have at least one computer and at least one capable user. The internet provides a much faster and streamlined method for searching things, and therefore most people use it as their first source. This in turn has created less and less users of print sources like Yellow Pages, White Pages, and any other colored Pages. To have an efficient advertising campaign you must find a balance of advertising through all sources and venues that brings in the most profit. Taking this into consideration, which print sources would it be profitable to advertise in?

The essence of print sources is to capture the customer during the exact time when they will be searching for your company or service. Knowing these dates is pivotal for your advertising campaign. If you want to get listed in print source directories then go ahead and do so, but time and an unprofitable advertising campaign would prove you wrong. The directory books have become an overpriced source of advertisement, one that wouldn't bring in as much ROI. An effective print source advertisement would consist of direct print advertisements, mass mails, and advertisement in print sources that are specifically designed for your industry and that target your market. Doing some research into your areas population will give you an idea of your target market. After you know your target market, along with the dates they start searching for your services, than you can start an efficient, and less costly, print source campaign that will bring in more revenue and more potential customers than the print directories ever will.

An alternative to print directories would be online directories, and more specifically directories that are affiliated with you industry. Online advertising gives you a more flexible alternative with more visibility and potential. A good example of an online directory would be Party Jump USA which is a moonwalk rental directory specifically targeting party rental and moonwalk rental companies. Having a good balance of online and print sources will set your company in the right direction towards a more efficient and less expensive advertising campaign.

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